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Regula Büchler

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Circle dance come from the popular tradition of Israel, Russia, Greece, Bulgaria, … or have been created to any style of music, some lively and joyful, others slow and rather calm. Bachflower dances are also part of the repertoire.

Circle dance (also known as “Sacred Circle dance”, “Dance meditation”, Meditation in movement”) recall the place of dance in many peoples live still today: celebrating life through the seasons and ages: social rite - sacred rite. In some traditions, the circle symbolizes infinity, perfection, the sacred and is associated with the sky and its cyclical movements. The square, on the other hand, is associated with the earth, with matter.

We will start the workshops with exercises and movements to make the body available for the dance: warm-up - relaxation - postural reconstruction - presence. Then we will continue and with a few, brief explanations already, we can dance together.

The dances encourage encounters. Thus, sometimes, feelings of belonging and union are born by making us live magical moments. And if a person ever “forgets” a step, the group helps to regain momentum.

To dance you do net need any pervious knowledge or a partner. There is no age limit.

For Regula Büchler, Circle Dance is a way of blossoming, of opening up to oneself and to others, of expressing one’s joy of life.


Regula Büchler has always danced passionately. She was introduced to ballroom dancing, jazz dance… and plunged into the world of west and central African dance. Fascinated by body movement, she perfected her training with a diploma in dance and movement pedagogy.

In 1988 Regula discovered Sacred Circle Dance and soon began teaching. Bach Flower Dances and sitting dances are also part of her repertoire. Regula continues being trained and in 2021 began the three-year training with Heidi Hafen at the "Institute Meditation des Tanzes - Sacred Dance" run by Friedel Kloke-Eibl.

Regula forms and leads groups in different contexts.

In her class, Regula brings a gentle approach to consciousness and she is delighted to share her enthusiasm and joy of dancing together. A global vision of the human being flows naturally from her journey and teaching. The dances she offers are not only just physical movements, but also a living expression of DANCE and TO MEET.

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