Arabic percussions

Habib Yammine

Orient | Percussion

This workshop focuses on the following instruments: darbouka, riqq, daff and bendir. It explores rhythms from various traditions, including Near Eastern, Arabic and Maghreb, through the following programme:

•   The playing techniques relative to the different instruments on offer

•   A look at the rhythmic cycles and associated syllabic language 

•   The performance of a selection of binary, ternary and composed rhythms, which serve to illustrate the diverse traditions of the Arab world 

•   The principles of variation and the construction of polyrhythms.


As far as teaching is concerned, Aïcha and Habib put substantive work into imparting their knowledge through classes, workshops, masters classes and presentation-concerts. They are the co-creators of the book and CD pack ‘Arabic Songs of the Near East, Egypt, Irak, Lebanon, Syria’.  
The Franco-Moroccan singer Aïcha Redouane is a qânûn player (table zithar), composer and teacher. She is one of the great performers of maqâm from the Near East, and her spectrum of expression comprises Berber song (amazigh), jazz-blues, lyrical song, classical Arabic singing and even Sufi singing. Her musical research has been suppored by the French Minster for Culture and she has even followed a course in Koranic chanting (tajwîd) with the Cairo Sheikhs of Paris.

In 1991, Aïcha Redouane and Habib Yammine founded the Al-Adwâr ensemble in line with the Sheiks of Nahda to spread the art of Maqam and the classical Arabic repertoire. For several years now they have been working on mystic poetry, and setting the texts of great authors, such as Râbia Al-Adawiyya, Ibn Arabî, Al-Hallâj and Ibn al-Fârid, to music. For Aicha, singing Sufi poetry is the natural expression of her lived experience of her spiritual development under the guidance of master Sufi Sidi Hamza on a path of love, light and knowledge.

Habib Yammine is a Libyan percussionist (framed drums riqq et daff), composer and ethnomusicologist. Based in Paris, he is the director of the Al-Adwar ensemble that accompanies Aïcha Redouane. He has taught at university for over fifteen years and teaches the art of rhythm in diverse institutions, including the Cité de la Musique.  


ADEM  – 44, rue des Maraichers – 1205 Genève

Saturday and Sunday morning, private lessons. Duration 1 hour or 1h30.
Sunday, 2.30pm to 5.30pm (15-minute break), group lessons, advanced level.

Next dates 2024:

19, 20 et 21 juillet ; 23, 24 et 25 août

Private lessons: 1 hour : 70.- CHF / 1h30 : 100.- CHF
Group lessons: Day : 80.- CHF

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