Swedish dance workshop

Sylvian Sahli

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The first objective of this course is to discover the wide repertoire of Swedish dances such as schottis, vals, hambo and especially polska, emblematic dances of Scandinavia. Indeed, each region has its own repertoire of dances which is closely linked to its style of music.
We will first work on the most popular and most danced dances.
Then the difference between the roles, the guidance and the posture.
- For beginners in Swedish dance: discovery of the rhythms and types of dances, musical and cultural discovery of Sweden and its regions.
- For the more advanced dancers: improvement and learning of new dances, personalized follow-up.


Sylvian Sahli has been dancing for many years French, Swiss and other European dances. In 2012, he starts to be interested in Swedish dance and culture thanks to the meeting of a couple of Ludvika teachers (Britt-Mari Westholm and Bengt Mard), in Sweden. A real passion was born for these Nordic dances and Sylvian multiplied the trainings and the trips in Sweden to learn repertoires in detail and to improve himself.
Currently, he continues to train and regularly participates in the annual Swedish dance exams under the supervision of a jury of local specialists, Uppdansning
At the same time, he pursues numerous projects involving traditional dances, notably the dances of French-speaking Switzerland and the dances of many regions of France, as well as ancient dance. He regularly gives courses and workshops in France and Switzerland.

During this course he will be accompanied by Irmela Schmid, dancer and violinist with whom he has been dancing for several years.

Irmela Schmid discovered Swedish dance and music through a workshop led by Swedish teachers in 2012. This key encounter is for her the beginning of a true love story. Since then, she participates in various trainings to deepen her dance skills, learns to play the violin and undertakes trips to Sweden to immerse herself in this cultural world. In 2015, she trained in Swedish music, violin, at a school in Malung (Folkhögskola), in the heart of Sweden. There, she also took the opportunity to perfect her dance. She continues to train during workshops in Sweden and elsewhere in Europe.


Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - 10, rue Montbrillant - 1201 Genève


9am to 10am beginners
10 a.m. to 4 p.m., 1-hour lunch break, participants bring their own lunch
October 15th
november 26
december 17th
january 14
February 18th
March 24th
April 28th
June 2nd

60 CHF per Sunday / 50 CHF from the 5th Sunday (+ Adem membership)
Maximum 14 persons

T : +41 (0)79 424 73 12


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