Afro-fusion dances - adults

Dominique Rey

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This course proposes to explore the language of contemporary African dance, its energy and rhythms

Content of the workshop :

  • Preparation of the body to the Afro-contemporary language by working on the muscular tone of the different parts of the body, the alignment (awareness of the difference between the alignment of the contemporary and African technique), the flexibility and the breathing in the movement
  • Introduction to the language of contemporary African dance or development of one's technique according to one's level
  • Choreography developed throughout the workshop
  • Small guided improvisations
  • Traditional African music and African fusion


Method :

  • Learn in the respect of the body and the person
  • Encourage/stimulate listening to the body
  • Feel and understand one movement after another (e.g. its energy quality: fluid, sharp, light, anchored, etc.)
  • Work with images, which often have a more direct link with the body than many technical explanations
  • Promote very quickly the expression in the movement and the pleasure of dancing


Competences aimed at :

  • Develop body awareness, muscle tone, flexibility and endurance
  • To be introduced to the language of contemporary African dance/develop one's technique and possibilities of expression (according to level)
  • Develop a sense of rhythm and musicality
  • To express oneself through movement with the technical elements in construction
  • Improvise from a given structure



Dominique is trained in cotemporary/modern and African dance. Her interest in Mandinka dance led to numerous trips to Mali and Burkina Faso, where she improved her practice amidst the dancers in the National Ballet of Bamako and in the Yelemba de Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) dance troupe. Her goal is to create conversations between contemporary dance and the traditional African forms. Her discovery of the Silvestre Technique in 2003, which links Afro-Brazilian and modern dance, echoed this pursuit and greatly influenced her work and direction in dance. This was also the year she founded the Yata Dans’ association with Luanda Mori.

She danced with Filibert Tologo (Kouman/2006 and Entre-Deux/2007), with Luanda Mori (Sopro-Souffle/2010), Alidou Yanogo (La trace des pas de l'invisible/2013, Tounga/2016 and Sia/2021). She danced and acted in the play Myriam Boukris (Cie Tohu Wa Bohu) "Dis Mémé, c'était comment ta vie?" 2015, "Je suis Boue" 2017 and "Sauve-moi" 2022).

She also teaches contemporary African dance to adults, teenagers and children.


CMP Vidollet, ch. de Vincy 2bis, 1201 Genève


Tuesday from 6pm to 8pm


25.- CHF/course if paid by the quarter or 30.- CHF/course alone


076 615 78 73

Email :


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