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Fr 12 November 2021 | 20:30 | AMR - Sud des Alpes

Berber songs from the Middle Atlas

Araw N Fazaz group

An evening in the intimacy of a Berber evening, for a rare and subtly embodied repertoire. Originating from the traditional music of the mountainous region of Khenifra (Morocco), the Amazigh Song of the Middle Atlas developed with the musician Hammou Oulyazid from the 1950s onwards. Still largely unknown outside Morocco, its most famous representative is Mohammed Rouicha (1950-2012), an inventive musician and prolific composer, and creator of the emblematic instrument of this music in the 1970s: the large four-string lotar (guembri family).

Younes Baami, a disciple of Mr Rouicha and a young lotar virtuoso, presents original compositions sung in Tamazight (Berber) and Moroccan Arabic with the group Araw N Fazaz (Sons of the Middle Atlas). As is customary, he is accompanied by bendir players and a female singer, as the alternation of male and female voices is one of the fundamental elements of this music. Araw N Fazaz also gives a prominent place to the violin and, more original, to the oud...


Younes Baami : lotar, chant et composition
Léo Fabre-Cartier : ‘ud et direction artistique
Mohammed Messaoudi : violon
Khalid Ennasiri : bendir, chœur
Rachid Zerkani : bendir, chœur
Naima Ghagha : chœur 


Concert proposed in the framework of the festival Les NUITS DU MONDE


Fr 12 November 2021 | 20:30

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