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What is yodeling?

The technique of yodeling, the transition from chest voice to head voice by a stroke of the glottis, is present in many parts of the world and is expressed in a great diversity of sounds and rhythms. The roots of this technique are related to communication, nature and instinct.
Yodeling is the cry that becomes a melody, sometimes nostalgic and contemplative, sometimes joyful and festive, it can be "raw" as well as very sophisticated, with the same purpose: to express oneself, to share a part of what moves us, to materialize the unspeakable.

How to yodel well?
Dare, succeed in letting go, don't want to do too well, find your inner child, tame and let yourself be tamed by your voice, have fun, take pleasure.

This vocal technique may seem very impressive. However, it is natural and simple.
Any human being with a good vocal instrument is able to explore yodeling.
You don't need to know how to read music, it is taught mostly orally and with gestures. In addition, the writing is graphic so that everyone can follow easily.

Content of the workshops/courses according to level:

  • Discovery of one's instrument (appearance and functioning) through feeling and listening to the body, movement and fun
  • Basic breathing and vocal technique (voice pose)
  • Vocal technique specific to yodeling
  • Discovery of the history and repertoire of Swiss and international yodeling
  • Discovery of your own yodeling language


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Born in Geneva, Héloïse "Heidi" Fracheboud grew up and studied there. With a strong artistic fiber, it is relatively early that Heloise began to learn music (piano, solfeggio and singing) as well as dance (classical, creative and flamenco) and theater (improvisation, clown). Classical musical training but the imagination cradled by family stories evoking the youtzes of her grandmother's mother, it is natural that she began to study the technique of yodel. She specializes in the yodel Austrian, German, before exploring the yodel Switzerland, American, African and does not stop there. She performs at different places under the name "Yodeleuse Heidi" and teaches music and singing in private and in various institutions. TV8 Mont-Blanc has devoted two shows.

Since she moves to the swiss mountains, she gives regular workshops in all the french part.

PLACE: 44, rue des Maraîchers - 1205 Geneva
DATES OF WORKSHOPS: see pdf document "Informations"
DATES PRIVATE AND SEMI-PRIVATE COURSES: see pdf document "Informations"
(duration from 60 min to 90 min)
Courses: 130.- CHF / Courses: according to choice of course

Students attending the workshops and courses in Geneva are required to join the Ateliers d'Ethnomusicologie de Genève (ADEM)

T : +41 (0) 76 473 72 01
Email :

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