Swedish music workshop

Jenny Demaret

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This group lesson is intended for experienced instrumentalists. The teaching will focus on oral transmission. Traditional Swedish music is mainly fiddle and nyckelharpa music, but other instruments are welcome: cello, viola, clarinet, flute, accordion...

Program :

- Discovery and/or deepening of the different Swedish regional styles through waltzes, schottis, långdans, and especially polskas: emblematic Swedish dances with multiple facets, going from the light and lively triollpolskasvives of the Great North to the baroque polonaises of the South of Sweden, passing by the inescapable polskasirregulières of the extreme west of the country.

- Research and impregnation of the stylistic characteristics of Swedish music through listening and imitation: work on accents, phrasing, bow strokes, ornamentation, and their possible adaptations from one instrument to another.

- Reflection on the relationship to dance and practice of the musicians' foot beats which are intrinsically linked to it.

- Research of timbres and resonances specific to certain Nordic music.


Jenny Demaret has been interested in traditional fiddling since 2007, when she discovered Swedish music. She then moved to Sweden to learn the fiddle repertoire at the Birka folkhögskola and the nyckelharpa (traditional Swedish bowed fiddle) at the Erik Sahlström Institute.
She holds a DEM (Conservatoire de Limoges, FR) and a DE (Cefedem AuRA, FR) in traditional music. She is now a musician and teacher. She teaches nyckelharpa, traditional fiddle and Swedish music and plays for concerts, balls and dance courses with various formations.



Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - 10, rue Montbrillant - 1201 Geneva

Two Tuesdays per moth from 8 pm to 10 pm 

220.- CHF per trimester + 50.- CHF Adem membership

T : + 33 (0) 6 28 14 33 57
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