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Jenny Demaret

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We will deepen the Swedish repertoire from different regions of Sweden, through a research of style (phrasing, bowing, ornamentation, footwork), sound work and ensemble playing. We will be particularly interested in the supports and accents to integrate into our playing to make people dance. In parallel to our workshop, a Swedish dance workshop will take place ( For those musicians who wish to do so, an exchange between musicians and dancers will be organized on the same Sundays in the early afternoon, where the musicians will be able to play for the dance, dance by themselves, and discuss with the dancers.

The traditional Swedish music is mostly fiddle music, but other instruments are welcome: nyckelharpa, cello, viola, clarinet, flute, accordion...



Jenny Demaret has been interested in traditional fiddling since 2007, when she discovered Swedish music. She then moved to Sweden to learn the fiddle repertoire at the Birka folkhögskola and the nyckelharpa (traditional Swedish bowed fiddle) at the Erik Sahlström Institute.
She holds a DEM (Conservatoire de Limoges, FR) and a DE (Cefedem AuRA, FR) in traditional music. She is now a musician and teacher. She teaches nyckelharpa, traditional fiddle and Swedish music and plays for concerts, balls and dance courses with various formations.



Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - 10, rue Montbrillant - 1201 Geneva


10am to 1:30pm

October 15th
november 26
december 17th
january 14
February 18th
March 24th
April 28th
June 2nd

60 CHF per Sunday / 50 CHF from the 5th Sunday (+ Adem membership)

T : + 33 (0) 6 28 14 33 57
Email :

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