Colombian dances & Salsa

Milena Cardona

Latin America | Dance

Salsa, Cumbia, Bullerengue, Mapalé, Sanjuanero, Currulao, Bambuco, Joropo & others Colombian rythms


Salsa means ‘sauce’ in Spanish. This dance involves a recipe of different ingredients, where numerous musical traditions from different Latin American countries have added to the pot. It follows then that the mix of rhythms, steps and moves give the sauce its particular flavour.

The aim of this class is to learn to free up your body to the sounds of tropical music.


Warm and fun, Colombian dances are a vibrant means of expression and a way into another world. The cumbia is the most representative of these. Danced all over the world, the cumbia is the result of three different cultural influences: African, indigenous and European.

The cumbia traces its beginnings back to slavery and its name comes from the term ‘cumbe’, which means dance. Today, there is no question that cumbia emerged from the cultural fusion between slaves and indigenous peoples.


Born in Colombia, Sandra Milena Cardona has participated in different folkloric groups since she was a child. She studied traditional dances at the school of Delia Zapata. Today she continues to teach dance and wishes to spread awareness of the diversity of dances from Colombia.


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ADEM Montbrillant - 10, rue de Montbrillant - 1201 Geneva

Tuesday : Colombian dances - from 6 to 7.15 pm   
Tuesday : Salsa - from 7.30 to 9 pm 

Cours ( 50 minutes ): 20.- CHF

Cours ( 75 minutes ): 25.- CHF

Cours ( 90 minutes ): 30.- CHF


Trimester ( 12 cours, 50 minutes ) : 220.-CHF
Trimester ( 12 cours, 75 minutes ) : 260.-CHF
Trimester ( 12 cours, 90 minutes ) : 300.-CHF

Package for two courses: Afro-Colombian and Salsa (24 lessons) 360.00 CHF
10% discount for students, unemployed, AVS, AI.
Registration required at ADEM.

T : 078 724 07 86
Email :


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