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Clotilde Rullaud

Europe | Singing

These regular workshops are a chance to try out the Martina A. Catella method and its Sing the World application, in order to ‘discover the voice, the world, its cultures and languages through song’. This original approach brings together technique, games and repertoires borrowed from traditional societies the world over for their learning values and beauty.

Beginning with the body regions of resonance and eventually opening up to cultural regions, the repertoires approached borrow from the Inuit tradition (work of the diaphragm), Asia (head harmonics) and Tzigane (facial harmonics). By highlighting group performance and polyphonies, each individual can develop an authentic path to the rediscovery of the ‘body-instrument’, indispensable to the expression of all sung or spoken sounds.



Ethnomusicologist, singer, artistic director, and the creative mind behind numerous contemporary creations, Martina A. Catella is inspired by the great vocal traditions and has been building bridges for over twenty-five years between cultures - and the knowledge and skills that are part of this - by concentrating on what is transmitted by the voice.


Through an original and comprehensive method combining Eastern and non-Eastern musical techniques, and with a musicological and anthropological approach, she shares her knowledge relating to the universality of the body as a musical instrument, as well as the distinctive features of its use across the globe.


Singer, song-writer, trained educator in jazz vocals and the Martina A. Catella method, which she has taught for several years, Clotilde Rullaud propagates the artistic and human adventures that can enrich her voice, inspiration and transmission. From gospel and Tzigane music to her own compositions influenced by jazz, as well as African and Brazilian music, this singer is motivated on stage, as she is in her teaching, by an essential conviction: ‘Singing contributes happiness to the world’.


ADEM Montbrillant
10, rue de Montbrillant - 1201 Geneva



Saturday : 14h-17h 
Sunday : 14h-17h



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120 CHF for 2 lessons
ADEM'S members : 100 CHF



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