Iranian luths : Tar and setar

Sogol Mirzaei

Orient | Instruments & repertories

Traditional Persian music is the result of a rich history of evolution and exchanges around what is now contemporary Iran, which makes its music one of the most refined modal forms in the world. Improvisation holds a fundamental place within it and is based on a complex system involving a great number of essential melodies that make up its repertoire, the radif. Learning this subtle art requires the integration and articulation of these melodies through practice of one or several of its instruments, as well as the numerous techniques of ornamentation that belong to them.

This class offers training in traditional Persian music through introductory or advanced practice of two of its principal instruments: the târ and setâr lutes.

Classes are open to all – from beginners through to advanced – and adapt according to the needs of the student. However it is necessary to bring your own instrument (though Sogol can offer help in acquiring one if needed).

Depending on personal preferences, the vast Persian repertoire can be approached through the oral tradition or by musical notation, as is the current practice in Iranian conservatories.


Sogol Mirzaei is today one of the most faithful representatives of râdif, the learned music of Iran, which she performs on the târ and setâr lutes. Trained at the Tehran Conservatory, she moved to France in 2006 to pursue her career as a concert performer and her studies in musicology at the Sorbonne, where she is currently working on a doctoral thesis.
Today she performs throughout the world as a soloist or in Persian music ensembles (Atine, Duo Rokhs) and original creations (Ensemble Chakam which she founded in 2014, Sowal Diabi with Mamani Keita), where her inspired compositions accompany the authentic tradition.


Ateliers d’ethnomusicologie
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One per month :
Saturday : 10h-20h
Monday: 10h-20h

Prochaines dates : To confirm with the professor


70 EUR 60 min lesson  
110 EUR 90 min lesson

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