Traditional Dances of Hungary and Transylvania


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Pannonia is a group of dancers ready to help you appreciate the lively dances of Hungary and Transylvania. 

Hungary has a rich inventory of traditional music that is respected well beyond its own borders.  Traditional Hungarian dance and music have always reflected the style of village festivals and of music played after working in the fields. The dances are varied and are taught to a large public of all ages during workshops or live music dance evenings (tanchaz), which is another Hungarian tradition.  People both young and old have discovered the regional dances and their incredible potential for personal and collective expression. 

Pannonia organise his yearly Party on 1st November. 



Pannonia offers weekly dance classes and workshops, in addition to organising dance evenings with live music and performances.  The group teaches steps, sequences of figures, Hungarian dance and various regional dances.  The dances can be improvised as soon as you can link two steps together.  You can choose from couple dancing right through to group and solo dances.  Pannonia would be very happy to welcome any new people to the group, particularly men.  While it is true that men lead in Hungarian dance, women also have a key role.



Zsolt Koncsek and Jozsef Trefeli are both of Hungarian origin and emigrated following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  They learnt Hungarian dance from an early age, frequenting traditional dance groups and working to keep Hungarian dance and culture alive.  They have been teaching together since 1997, choreographing for Pannonia.

ADEM 2 - 44, rue des Maraîchers - 1205 Genève

Weekly cours :

  • Children :  18h30 - 20h00
  • Adults :  20h00 - 22h00 

Feel free to come for a trial class!

One-off courses are also offered every year.

90 frs / trimester (students : 45 frs)
Annual subscription : 40 frs (students : 20 frs)

József Trefeli - tél. 022 301 29 75  / +41 (0)78 709 56 22


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