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It's a group of dancers ready to make you enjoy the lively dances of Hungary and Transylvania. Do you prefer couple dances? men's solo dances? women's round dances? singing and shouting? dances for four or more? Hungarian dances have something for everyone! They're varied, contrasting and very "physical" for those who like it. They can be improvised as soon as dancers have learned to link two different steps. PANNONIA teaches steps, sequences of figures to be linked and improvised, a "Hungarian" way of holding oneself, but also dance styles that correspond to each of the regions where they were born.

Pannonia in search of dancers
The Ensemble Pannonia - Danses Hongroises is an association founded in Carouge in 1996. The members of Pannonia are dancers of Magyar, Swiss and other nationalities, who come together around the traditional music and dance of different Hungarian regions. The aim of the group is to learn these dances in weekly classes, to spread the strength and love of them, and to publicize them through performances and dance evenings. We would be delighted to welcome new members to our group, especially men, whose presence is essential if women are to be able to dance as couples.

Dances and táncház
Traditional Hungarian dances and music were, and still are, sought-after as they were danced to music at village festivals or after work in the fields. Hungary has a long tradition of inventorying traditional music, as witnessed by the famous work of Bartók and Kodály. Other ethnologists of Hungarian music and dance have been involved in cataloguing a heritage whose richness has impressed far beyond Hungary's borders.
Hungarians have rediscovered this heritage, especially since the 1970s, thanks to teachers who have popularized it while preserving its originality. Today, Hungarian music and dance are taught to a wide audience of all ages at workshops and dance evenings with live music (táncház), which have also become a tradition in Hungary. Children, young and old alike are enthusiastically discovering dances typical of the villages of Hungary's past, delighted by their incredible potential for personal and collective expression.

PANNONIA awaits...

Every encounter is unique and special. We'd be delighted to welcome new members to our group, and we're particularly looking forward to hearing from MEN, whose presence is vital if WOMEN are to be able to dance in pairs too. While it's true that it's the men who lead the way in Hungarian dance, don't think that the women lack initiative... ! Gentlemen, make no mistake: this is your chance to find exquisite dance partners. And, of course, women are also very welcome.

Our group includes beginners to advanced dancers, a rich range of cultural backgrounds and ages (we currently have members from 15 to 50). What we all share is the desire to have fun dancing!
We've been in existence since 1996 as an association in Carouge, the town twinned with Budapest. The group was founded some three years earlier by Zsolt Koncsek, who gradually led it to take its first steps as part of the Association des Hungrois de Genève.
Since then, we have taken part in numerous events, including the Vogue de Carouge, the Fête de la Musique, school promotions, neighbourhood parties, weddings, entertainment in retirement homes and other dance parties.

What does PANNONIA offer?
We offer weekly dance classes and workshops. We take part in many public events with varying degrees of media coverage. We also organize dance evenings with live music and shows, with or without dance initiation.
Throughout the school year, weekly classes are given in collaboration with the ethnomusicology workshops every Tuesday evening at ADEM - Maraichers

  • 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for music
  • 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for dance

Don't hesitate to come for a trial class! We're always delighted to welcome newcomers to our group.
Occasional workshops are also offered every year.



Zsolt Koncsek and Jozsef Trefeli are both of Hungarian origin and emigrated following the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.  They learnt Hungarian dance from an early age, frequenting traditional dance groups and working to keep Hungarian dance and culture alive.  They have been teaching together since 1997, choreographing for Pannonia.

ADEM 2 - 44, rue des Maraîchers - 1205 Genève

Weekly cours :

Tuesdays from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm for music
Tuesday 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm for dance

Feel free to come for a trial class!

One-off courses are also offered every year.

200.- CHF / quarter (students: 120.- CHF)
Annual fee: 60.- CHF (students: 40.- CHF)

József Trefeli +41 (0)78 709 56 22


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