28 October - 8 November

From 4 year old | Young Public

We 28 October 2020 | 15:30 | MEG


The mysteries of Kathak Indian dance

King Aditya Narayan Singh, the maharaja of Benares, is a music lover. He entertains himself by inviting the most renowned artists, musicians and dancers to perform in his music salon at his palace, where he welcomes his friends, as well as the most important people of the realm.

During this performance, children will be transported to the regal surrounds of a nineteenth century Indian court and enjoy a demonstration of kathak dance.

They will be introduced to the instruments of Indian music (sitar, tabla, harmonium, ghunguru or the ankle bells) and Hindu mythology, in a danced and recounted form: the elephant-headed god Ganesh, the young butter thief Krishna, as well as Indian rhythms thanks to kathak, the classical dance of North India.

Originally from Geneva, Meera discovered kathak at the age of 12 alongside Pandit Ravi Shankar Mishra of Benares, whom she met through the activities of ADEM. Based in Benares since 2011, she performs across India and teaches numerous groups of children and adults. She has made the culture her own and discovered certain keys to understanding that she gladly shares in her workshops in Europe.

The techniques of kathak call on a choreographic language that expresses itself through mudra (codified hand gestures), rhythmic strikes of the feet, pirouettes, facial expressions and positions of the body.

The word katha means story or history in Sanskrit. Its origins reach back to ancient times. Initially a danced drama that mimed epic and sacred stories, kathak was a religious art.


Meera (Fanny Marquet) : danse kathak, concept, chorégraphie

Alexis Weisgerber : tabla

Ankit Tushar : chant et harmonium

Sébastien Lacroix : sitar




We 28 October 2020 | 15:30

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MEG - 65, bd Carl-Vogt - Genève

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Service culturel Migros, 9, rue du Commerce, Genève (lu-ve, 10h-18h), 
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