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Fr 16 April 2021 | 20:00 | AMR - Sud des Alpes


Mongolian traditionnal music

The music of Michel Abraham, coming from the highlands of Mongolia, transports us like a magical flight to the heart of the steppes, to the nomadic peoples. uRYa means "the call of nature" in old Mongolian: this concert makes us hear in turn the overtone song (throat song khöömi) and the horse viela morin khuur, the flute tsuur, the shamanic drum and the hurdy-gurdy evoking by the subtlety of their timbres the song of the river and the birds, the gallop of horses, the wind in the steppes ... So many soundscapes that tell us about the great outdoors, the fire, the cold, the stories of men and animals , the meeting of souls and shamans.

Ambassador of Mongolian culture in France, Michel Abraham, the “Mongolian French” as he is called by his peers in the land of the steppes, created the uRYa project in 2011 to share his passion.

A pupil of Mongolia's greatest throat singing masters, including Hosoo and Sengedorj, as well as the famous shaman of the Republic of Tuva Nikolay Oorzhak, uRYa placed 7th in the last international overtone singing competition in Khovd, Mongolia, in September 2018.


Michel Abraham : chant diphonique, vièle morin khuur, flûte tsuur et guimbarde khomus


Fr 16 April 2021 | 20:00

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