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Fr 9 April 2021 | 20:00 | AMR - Sud des Alpes

Yousra Dhahbi

La princesse du luth

"La Sultane du luth", "the princess of the lute" such was nicknamed the Tunisian Yousra Dhahbi. Born into a family of musicians whose father, a Sufi singer, raised his children to the rhythm of the evenings of songs and rehearsals of his musical troupe. She follows a complete musical training, which leads to an international career as a soloist and has been designated as "the first female soloist lutenist in the Arab world". A very creative artist, Yousra is an expert in the art of maqâm (Arabic modality) and oriental singing techniques. She also masters improvisation, constructing her melodies with exemplary rigor and inspiration, beyond any cliché. She taught oud, oriental singing techniques and improvisation at the Conservatory and the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne. His first CD, Rhapsodie pour luth, was released in 2004 in the collection of the Institut du Monde Arabe in Paris and distributed by Harmonia Mundi.


Fr 9 April 2021 | 20:00

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