FR 25 June 2021 - 17:00 & 19:30 | Alhambra, Geneva


Music and dances from around the Mediterranean

The result of a carte blanche entrusted to ADEM's teachers, SOLARIA proposes a musical and dancing journey around the Mediterranean: a consolation in these troubled times as well as an invitation to dream, to get away from it all, to travel for our troubled souls.

It is under the charms of a radiant sun and a mysterious moon that the dances and songs unfold, each in its traditional form and then in the encounter; from then on the musicians reinvent themselves in the repertoire of the other...

The magic happens when the culture of some meets that of others, when hearts beat in unison and marry their traditions. The union of the peoples of this world then becomes obvious...


Carte blanche to ADEM's teachers:
Vivian’Adaya, Pat la Gadji, Katia Romano, Khalil Bensid : dance
Françoise Atlan : singing
Ozan Cagdas : singing, saz, spoons
Massimo Laguardia, Salvatore Meccio : tamburelle, guitar, singing
Khalil Bensid : guembri
Léonard Gremaud : fiddle
Héloïse Fracheboud : accordeon & singing


FR 25 June 2021 - 17:00 & 19:30

Online tickets

ATTENTION : pas de vente sur place. Réservation obligatoire via la billetterie en ligne. Jauge limitée !  100 personnes maximum.


Vendredi 25 juin
17h et 19h30


Alhambra, 10 rue de la Rôtisserie, Genève


15.- (tarif unique)



Attention : Nous vous invitons à consulter notre page INFO COVID pour connaitre les conditions d’accueil du public pour ce concert. Cette page est actualisée régulièrement sur la base des mesures sanitaires en vigueur.

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