Su 7 November 2021 | 17:00 | Alhambra, Genève

New Iranian classical music

Sepidâr  Ensemble & Sepideh Raissadat

This concert is the fruit of a fruitful encounter between Sepideh Raissadât, a leading figure in Persian song, and the Sepidâr ensemble, which brings together young masters of Iranian classical music.  All this under the leadership of Siavash Imani.
The programme deals with a little-known facet of the rich oral and written tradition of Persian music: compositions from the beginning of the 20th century that bear witness to the meeting of a society, a culture and a tradition with Western modernity. This change coincided in particular with the opening of the first music conservatory in Iran and the combination of Persian and Western instruments, all of which were new sources of inspiration that traditional musicians were able to make their own.
This concert highlights the subtleties of this alliance by exploring some of the compositions of several great masters of this period such as Parviz Iranpour (1901-1971), Reza Mahjoubi (1898-1954), Ali-Naqi Vaziri (1886-1979), Rokneddin Mokhtâri (1887-1970), as well as Sepidâr ensemble compositions.


Sepideh Raissadat : singing
Siavash Imani : direction, târ and setâr
Houshmand Ebadi : ney
Sina Danesh : kamancheh 
Sina Khoshk Bijari : tombak
Aria Mohafez : santur  


In partnership with Horansounds 


Concert recorded by RTS, Espace 2


Su 7 November 2021 | 17:00

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