Sa 9 November 2019 | 20:30 | Alhambra

Echo chamber

Gino Sitson and his ensemble

Internationally recognised virtuoso Gino Sitson comes from Cameroon and currently lives in New York. His family belongs to a long line of musicians known under the name of Ntontas or ‘horn players’. Tropical Africa presented him with the most exuberant of muses, thanks to its rich array of rites, instrumental timbres and songs.


Gino’s very personal language makes him the natural successor to Bobby McFerrin, and continues the traditions of jazz, gospel, and the blues. His music combines the diverse vocal techniques of the sub-Saharan African traditions with ‘contemporary’ music. He is known for the great variety of intonations and timbres that brings his voices close to certain instruments (such as plucked or struck strings, the trumpet, the clarinet), as well as for playing with words and the body in a way that is free, poetic and creative. This concert’s programme echoes his last album, which enjoyed tremendous success: Echo Chamber.




Gino Sitson : voix, « body percussion »
Anne Berry : viola & voice
Chloe Girodon : cello & voice
Jon Handelsman : clarinet & voice




LA VOIX À SA SOURCE Les traditions africaines et le jazz
Par Gino Sitson (chanteur, ethnomusicologue)

Entrée libre



Polyphonies & polyrythmies africaines, improvisation vocale 

Samedi 2 novembre : 10h-12h30 | 14h-16h

Circle song & improvisation vocale

Dimanche 3 novembre : 10h-12h30 | 14h-16h

En collaboration avec Catalyse.  Plus d'info ...


Sa 9 November 2019 | 20:30

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Notes de programme Voix instrumentale

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