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Sandrine Jeannet

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The traditional West African dances of Mandingo culture have the particularity of forging close links between dance and music. They are festive and accompany all celebrations of life. Mandingo culture is based on an oral tradition passed down from generation to generation.

In these workshops, you will discover a repertoire of traditional Mandingo dances and rhythms, accompanied by fola djembes (musicians trained for dance): Djansa, La Danse de chasse, Sunu, Kakilembé, Mendiani, Wolosodon, Dunumba, Koredjuga etc…

These workshops offer a unique approach in Switzerland, which adapts to each student, based on pleasure, fluidity, precision, liveliness and intelligence of the body as well as on the energy that develops between the dancers and the percussion. The warm-ups and stretches, are adapted to the dances studied, they begin and end each session.

Comfortable clothing is recommended.



Trained in classical dance then modern and contemporary, she works in particular with the choreographers Serge Ricci and Philippe Découflé. Returning to Geneva in 1992, she began training to teach dance (Modern Jazz Ballet by B. Matteuzzi, the Geneva Dance School and the Adc) and choreography for actors, musicians and singers: Chorale des Bains , Revue 97, Drums of fire, Fêtes du Lac d'Annecy. She works regularly with directors M. Rossy and M. Fernandez-Villacanas.

Along the way, she met and never left African Dance and trained for almost 10 years with Elsa Wolliaston (Paris) and Serge Anagonou (Lyon) and learned Mandingo rhythms with Jean-Marie Senn, who also teaches at Arrce and ADEM.

A teacher at Arrce for over 20 years, she also collaborates with the cultural activities of the University of Geneva. Her pedagogy is focused on the potential of traditional Mandingo dances, enriched by her knowledge of the Western dancer, and her complementary knowledge of the body: sports massage, anatomy and anatomy of movement, biomechanics, F.-M. Alexander, bounce. She is also trained by Bernadette De Gasquet in the posturo-respiratory approach, abdology and prevention of back pain.

Passionate about traditional Mandingo dances and their relationship to the body and music, rhythm, expression of movement and biomechanics, she perceives the body as an extraordinary metaphor, gifted with intelligence and potential available to everyone.

Rhythmic room, Ecole du Mail, entrance through Gourgas Park

Monthly workshops on Saturday from 1:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m.
Dates: February 1; March 7; April 4; May 3

CHF 50 .- / workshop

Sandrine Jeannet - Jean-Marie Senn
Email: - Tel. 078 805 03 23

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