Afro-brazilian dance

Luanda Mori

Latin America | Dance

Brazilian expressive dance

These classes are for those who wish to experiment with a particular approach to dance inspired by Afro-Brazilian culture, in all its symbolic richness and dynamism. 
Classes involve warm-up and conditioning the body with elements from the Silvestre Technique. This is followed by a focus on movements, which are then linked together in order to prepare for choreography. Choreography will be progressively approached in an environment of creative freedom, targeting the student's expression through dance.

Silvestre Technique

The Silvestre Technique is a dance technique that originated in Salvador de Bahia in Brazil. It was created by the Brazilian dancer, choreographer and teacher Rosangela Silvestre. The technique brings together the fundamentals of classical ballet and modern dance with the symbolism of the Afro-Brazilian religion. It was inspired by Orisha (Afro-Brazilian divinities) dances and capoeira (Afro-Brazilian martial art), and it comprises a solid technique that aims to not only develop the physical dimensions of the dancer, but also the expressive and intuitive dimensions. These dimensions are represented by the three triangles found in the body that are linked to the chakras. The gestures and legends of the Orishas, which are connected with the four elements of nature, feed the expression and interpretation of the exercises.


Having studied modern, classical and jazz dance, Luanda then turned towards Afro-Brazilian dance. She learnt the dances of the Afro-Brazilian deities with Master King and then joined the Folk Ballet of Bahia, all the while continuing to dance with other contemporary companies.

Under the direction of the teacher and choreographer Rosangela Silvestre, she created the project Silvestre Link.
Parallel to dance, Luanda invests her time in yoga, a discipline that nourishes her view on dance and her manner of transmitting it. She has been teaching dance and yoga in Geneva since 2003 and even choreographed her first pieces here.

Dance Area,  rue de la Coulouvrenière  19 - 1204 Geneva

Silvestre Technique : Saturday 12h30-14h (intermediate)

Afro-brazilian :Saturday  14h-15h15 (intermediate)

1 lesson per week 90 CHF /month 
2 lessons per week 160 CHF / month

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