Radio Concert

Fr 2 October 2020 | 20:00

Between Sevilla and Dakar

When flamenco dialogues with the music of West African griots

Between Seville and Dakar is a project born from the desire to bring together two traditions that are a priori very far apart from each other, both geographically and culturally: flamenco and the music of griots from West Africa. On the one hand a passionate form of song, almost shouted and a percussive guitar, on the other an often fluid and lyrical voice, the crystalline timbre of the strings of the kora harp-lute. But if we approach a little more ready, it is clear that many bridges can be stretched between these musics: both make a nuanced use of the projected voice, their ostinatos and their syncopated rhythms captivate in a way almost obsessing the listener. The kora and the guitar are two plucked string instruments, the sounds of which complement each other with ease, or even merge, when they interact. And then there is the nomadic spirit of the gypsy and mandigo culture, without forgetting also that the history of flamenco remains partly linked to the migrations of slaves from Africa ...

Bringing together the wind and waves of Mandingo music with fire and the strong earthly roots of flamenco, such is the daring gamble made and held by Daniel Renzi, Sankoum Cissokho and Marta Dias!


Daniel Renzi : flamenca guitar, voice
Sankoum Cissokho : kora, voice
Marta Dias : percussion, voice

Photo (c) Vincent Zanetti


Fr 2 October 2020 | 20:00

in collaboration with AMR and RTS, as part of the Zanzibar program, on Espace 2

IMPORTANT: Concert in camera "without public"

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