Adem has joined forces with TSR and AMR to give a voice to musicians in these times of... covidian gloom. Because the infamous virus has undoubtedly invaded our daily lives to the point of making us somewhat neglect these great bearers of dreams and escapism that are artists.

Dream and escape: have these two words disappeared from our vocabulary and our lives for good? Certainly not, and even if the theatres remain closed for some time, health constraints should not lead us to relegate to oblivion a whole part of our world of yesterday. Les Adem, ardent travellers of world music, now opt for radio concerts to offer you the chance to wander through your imagination.  To encourage you to cultivate your own garden, as a unique space of freedom.

Les Jardins des Adem: this new programme will be broadcast for the first time on 19 June at 8 pm as part of the programme Zanzibar on Espace 2, with the duo R&R, based on Argentinean tango, and the trio Zafîf, tinged with melodies and rhythms from the Maghreb and the Near East.

If it is appropriate to invite you to travel, it is also important that institutions such as ours commit themselves to economically supporting the cultural world. That is why we will pay the artists for each of the radio programmes we offer, as we would for a real concert. Your attentive and faithful listening will be for us the most beautiful of presences, while waiting to find you as soon as possible in one of the magnificent places of musical sharing in the city of Geneva.


Fabrice Contri