8 - 17 November


Th 14 November 2019 | 18:30 | Alhambra

The story of the crying camel

Film directed by B. S. Davaa and L. Falorni

Film directed by Byamba Suren Davaa and Luigi Falorni

Duration : 87 min - French version

How does a nomadic family in the beautiful Mongolian steppes find itself confronted with a stubborn camel that refuses to feed her young? With poetry and sensitivity, director Byamasuren Davaa has turned what might otherwise be a banal anecdote into a slice of traditional Mongolian culture. This film sits somewhere between documentary and fiction, news story and tale. The actors don’t perform the roles as such, but adhere to reality, thereby bestowing the acting with a touching sincerity. The audience discovers a world that to all appearances is bleak, but which reveals itself to be filled with music and nature: a world of animals, wind and rivers that accompany everyday life and inspire the traditional musicians. That of song accompanied by the horsehead fiddle, Mongolia's emblematic instrument, and the key to a surprising secret.


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Th 14 November 2019 | 18:30

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