8 - 17 November

FESTIVAL | Festival

8 - 17 November | Alhambra - Temple St-Gervais


Adventures of the voice

The voice is without doubt the most expressive of musical instruments. It is at the heart of ethnomusicology, which essentially dedicates itself to the world of oral expression. In a number of musical traditions, the score is ignored and transmission of the repertoire relies on song. In other words, there is no music without voice!

With this new edition of the Les Nuits du Monde festival, ADEM invites you to discover the multiple facets of the wonder that is voice. It can only do so effectively via live offerings: a large range of concerts, talks and encounters with the artists. In order to maximise enjoyment, singular and extraordinary uses of the voice have been specifically selected to form the programme. And it seems as if there are no limits…

From the musical singing bow of the Xhosa of South Africa to the delicate yodel of the Andean baguala, from the overtones of Mongolia to the soundscapes of Sardinian choirs, from ornamental baroque to the khayal of North India, from seventeenth century France to the tahrir of the Persian tradition, passing by subtle jazz vocals and instrumentals along the way, ADEM will help you discover the voice in all its guises over the course of the festival.


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