5 October - 12 December

Donsen Company | Performance

We 20 October 2021 | 20:00 | Alhambra, Genève

SIA, un homme sans histoire est un homme perdu

Burkinabe masks and dances

The ADEMs are privileged to welcome the new creation of the choreographer and dancer of Burkinabe origin Alidou Yanogo, who has been active between Burkina-Faso and Geneva for over twenty years. The show SIA, Un homme sans histoire est un homme perdu, highlights the value of traditions in the construction of peoples' identities in a contemporary world where virtual universes occupy an increasing place. Through the symbolism of traditional masks from his native country, the choreographer highlights ancestral customs that have been perpetuated beyond the multiple influences of colonisation and Christianity. "You don't wear a mask without a reason..." During ritual ceremonies, it is the attribute of the costumed dancer who gives it life and speech and thus its "effectiveness".  

Between dancers with traditional and contemporary training, a collaboration rich in questions and discoveries is established. To what extent does the traditional heritage remain accessible today to all, regardless of origin? Does the body find, through the prism of certain objects and gestures, a privileged access to ancestral knowledge? What does this heritage reveal to us about the other and about ourselves?  

To bring this choreographic adventure to fruition, the company has teamed up with Sankoum Cissokho (composer, singer and kora player), Mbar Ndiaye (percussionist, singer and composer), and Danielle Milovic (lighting designer and mapping). A mysterious and complex world of great expressive power is revealed during the performance. It invites us to live and relive founding myths as well as to question our present.


Compagnie DONSEN :
Alidou Yanogo : danse, direction artistique, chorégraphie

Saibou Sare :  danse
Dominique Rey:  danse
Joseph Abdoulaye Sanou: danse

Sankoum Cissokho : kora, chant, composition 
Mbar Ndiaye : percussions, chant
Danielle Milovic : lumières


We 20 October 2021 | 20:00

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