Radio Concert

Fr 19 June 2020 | 20:00


Sound trance

Zafîf ("rustling of the wind", in Arabic) is an innovative musical adventure, at the crossroads of European, African and Turkish-Arab cultures. Formed in 2017, in Geneva, by Samir Mokrani and Khalil Bensid, the group blows the confusion of genres to the sounds of 'ûd, guembri, saz and a multitude of percussions by shaping mixed sounds that intermingle gnawa rhythms, G -funk, Arab and Anatolian melisms. Preaching the repetition-variation structure to hypnosis, Zafîf advocates an introspective trance against the backdrop of the constant presence of the ancient Gnawa and Yemeni masters.


Khalil Bensid: luth guembri, electric bass
Samir Mokrani: luths,'ûd, saz
Gabriel Valtchev: percussion


Fr 19 June 2020 | 20:00

Radio concert in collaboration with AMR and RTS, broadcast as part of the program Zanzibar, on Espace 2

In-camera concert "without audience"

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