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Sa 16 November 2019 | 20:30 | Alhambra

The exhilarating art of Khayal

Manjusha Patil

Shruti mâtâ, Laya pitâ : the sound is the mother ; the rhythm the father. Khayal, one of the major styles of Hindustani music, illustrates this famous adage with flair. In Urdu, the term khayal means imagination, thought. The performing musician must deploy their mastery of technique and bring to life both the raga (melodic mode) and the tala (rhythmic cycle) through their creative proficiency in order to take the listener to a subtle state of aesthetic delight.

Moving in stages from silence to the heights of ornamental and rhythmic prowess, khayal finds its instrument of predilection in the voice. Trained in the great schools of Agra and Gwalior, Manjusha Patil is one of the most acclaimed Khayal singers on the Indian and international scene. She excels in the art due to her talents as an improviser as well as her dexterity in the execution of taan, the lively and rapid vocal features that shake each note as if by magic.




Manjusha Patil : voice
Shriram Hasabnis : harmonium
Saleel Tambe : table
Namrata Dentan : tampura



Sa 16 November 2019 | 20:30

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Concert recorded by Espace 2


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