We 15 December 2021 | 20:00 | Temple St-Gervais, Genève

SUGARS- Fiesta de Navidad

Baroque and traditional music from the city of Sucre (Bolivia)

This concert is part of a new collaboration between ADEM and Espace Saint-Gervais: Christmas and Easter in the world. An original way of celebrating these two events which call for music and dance in many European and non-European traditions.

Like the religious festivities of South America, where the sumptuous mixture of the sacred and the pagan is at the service of the celebrations, Sucreries, Fiesta de Navidad is a musical journey that takes the audience to the heart of Bolivia, to discover the musical life of the city of Sucre.
At the turn of the 17th and 18th centuries, Sucre was still called La Plata. It was a radiant cultural capital where various worlds, notably Spanish and indigenous, met in all aspects of society, such as education, under the influence of the activities of the Jesuit and Franciscan congregations. Music was at the centre of governance, and an intense economic and social activity developed around it.
The programme Sucreries, Fiesta de Navidad, focuses on Spanish-language villancicos composed for important celebrations: Christmas, Corpus Christi or the feast of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, but also dance pieces such as cuecas and coplas...
This repertoire is profoundly original and rich in syncretisms because it bears the creative imprint of the indigenous populations of Bolivia, and more widely of South America. A part that is both full of exuberance and of the sufferings endured during the colonial period.
Who could have imagined a sacred music so rhythmic, corporeal and energetic, which is still so present in the collective consciousness of Bolivians?
The singers and instrumentalists of Alkymia will be there to reveal the answer... and Adentro!


Ensemble vocal et instrumental Alkymia
Sous la direction de  Mariana Delgadillo Espinoza 


Florent Grasset, Camille Joutard, Anna Pardo, Giulia Valentini : sopranos
Alina Delgadillo, Nicolas Kunzelman : altos
Antoine Bretonnière, Davy Cornillot : ténors
Guillaume Frey : basse

Isaure Lavergne : dulciane (hautbois)
Nolwenn Le Guern, Nicolas Muzy : viole de gambe
Etienne Galletier : théorbe et guitare
Kazuya Gunji : orgue et clavecin
Julien Pellegrini : percussions


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We 15 December 2021 | 20:00

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