Su 8 November 2020 | 17:00 | Temple St-Gervais


Musical treasures of Bolivia

Similar to the religious festivities of South America where a lavish mix of the sacred and pagan serves celebrations, Sucreries, Y se va la segunda is musical journey that transports the public to the heart of Bolivia, where they will discover the musical treasures of the town of Sucre, formerly La Plata, capital of the viceroyalty of Upper Peru. 

The Alkymia ensemble has had privileged access to the manuscripts from the American collection “Musica americana colonial, colecciones documentales de musica de los siglos XVII-XVIII » at the National Library and Archive of Bolivia since 2015, which were the first Bolivian records to be classed and recognised in the ‘Memory of the world’ register in 2007.

This collection is composed of liturgical and paraliturgical works: villancicos, motets and masses, but also works in the rhythms of Spanish dances accompanied in their time, according to historians, by tiples (small traditional guitars) and singers. Cuecas and coplas, dances inspired by villancicos and xácaras – from later periods – also complete and crown these festivities of music and dance in a profoundly original style, rich with syncretism. For this repertoire carries within it the creative imprint of the indigenous people of Bolivia, and more broadly, South America. It is both full of exuberance and the suffering endured during the colonial period.

Who could imagine holy music so rhythmical and energetic, which lives on, even today, in the collective conscience of Bolivians? 
The singers and instrumentalists of Alkymia are serving up an experience where you can find out the answer …. Adentro! 


Vocal and instrumental ensemble Alkymia  

Under the direction of Mariana Delgadillo Espinoza 

Camille Joutard, Lucie Minaudier : sopranos 1
Giulia Valentini, Anna Pardo : sopranos 2
Alina Delgadillo-Espinoza : mezzo-soprano
Vincent Laloy : ténor
Antoine Bretonière : baryton
Isaure Lavergne : flute et dulciane
Nolwenn Le Guern : viole de gambe
Etienne Galletier : théorbe et guitarre
Kazuya Gunji : orgue et clavecin
Julien Pellegrini : percussions



Concert broadcasted by Swiss Radio-Espace 2


Su 8 November 2020 | 17:00

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Temple St-Gervais - 12 rue des Terreaux-du-Temple, Genève


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Compte tenu des dernières mesures sanitaires, le concert est ANNULÉ

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