We 3 March 2021 | 20:00 | Auditorium municipal de Peza, Héraklion, Crète

Under the charm of the lyra

Ensemble Kelly Thoma

Guided by the thread of time, like a modern Ariadne in a musical labyrinth, Kelly Thoma and her musicians explore a universe where the sounds of the past brush up against those of the present. Following the success of Kelly’s Nights of the Labyrinth, ADEM decided to open its doors to her once more this year. This time she invites us to follow her on a journey without a defined temporality and free from anachronism, to the rhythm of her own compositions and the unfettered improvisations of her ensemble.

The Cretan lyre is at the heart of this encounter: with its Arab and Byzantine origins and Venetian influences, it carries the spirit of travel and fusion within itself.   Inventiveness also, as the instrument has continued to absorb the discoveries of the different generations of performers since it arrived in Crete in the Middle Ages. Kelly Thoma is one of its most inspired ambassadors today.


Kelly Thoma : vièle lyra
Aris Kornelakis  : lyra, boulgari, voix
Niko Papaioannou : violoncelle
Bijan Chemirani : percussion 


We 3 March 2021 | 20:00


Le concert est enregistré à huis-clos sans public et diffusé en streaming sur :

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En raison de la situation sanitaire, le concert est enregistré à huis-clos sans public et diffusé en streaming

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