Su 10 April 2022 | 17:00 | Espace Saint-Gervais, Genève

Polyphonies and traditional Corsican songs


This concert is part of a new collaboration between ADEM and Espace Saint-Gervais: Christmas and Easter in the world. An original way of celebrating these two events which call for music and dance in many European and non-European traditions.

Sarocchi is an ensemble that explores the world of Corsican musical traditions through the singing of the ancients: sacred and secular a cappella vocal polyphonies and various songs for voice and accompaniment. In particular, it offers the rare opportunity to hear the cetera - the traditional Corsican large cistrum (lute) - in an attempt to practice popular song accompaniment. Mixing various atmospheres ranging from the contemplation of sacred songs to the lightness of love laments in a set of pieces from a popular rural repertoire, particularly that of the shepherds, the itinerary is punctuated by poetic, pathetic or truculent stories, drawing a sensitive portrait of the life of the men and women of a Corsica that is often ignored today, despite the resounding success of tourism on the "island of beauty".


Benedettu Sarocchi: voice, cetera (large Corsican cistre)
Ghjuvan'Petru Pieve: voice, guitar
Paul'Andria Fattaccini : voice, guitar
Toma Sarocchi : double bass


Benedettu Sarocchi
Originally from the village of Rusiu, the cradle of Corsican polyphonic singing, Benedettu Sarocchi has already made a name for himself with other famous groups such as A filetta and above all Voce di Corsica, which won him a Victoire de la Musique award in 1995. Author, composer and performer, he created the Sarocchi ensemble in 1998.

Ghjuvan'Petru Pieve
Originally from the village of Penta di Casinca, he learnt traditional singing at the age of eight at the "Madricale" Corsican polyphony school directed by Iviu Pasquali and was part of the mythical group "Canta u Populu Corsu" for two years before joining the "Sarocchi" group.

Paul'Andria Fattaccini
Originally from the village of Castellu di Rustinu and immersed in Corsican singing since his childhood, he has been a trainer of the Corsican singing and polyphony workshop within the Corsican cultural association "Cultura Viva" for several years now.

Toma Sarocchi
Son of Benedettu Sarocchi. He plays the double bass and is regularly involved with his instrument in a variety of formations ranging from the Orchestre des Musiciens d'Europe to the jazz trio "Swing Response". His family was naturally influenced by traditional Corsican singing, which he has also been singing and playing since childhood.


Su 10 April 2022 | 17:00


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