Fr 8 April 2022 | 20:00 | Espace Saint-Gervais, Genève

Nomadic diphonies of Mongolia

Khusugtun trio

Khusugtun ("Nomads") is one of Mongolia's most popular khöömii diphonic singing and instrumental music ensembles, and has been for the past ten years. After having been revealed by the International Khöömii Festival of Ulaanbaatar, BBC Proms, Rainforest Music Festival, Khusugtun has toured in about twenty countries. Its arrival in Europe, and this time in Geneva, is an event in itself.

The name of the group embodies the musicians' desire to nomadise in music, in the image of their ancestors who travelled the world. What is important to them is that people listen to them while imagining the diversity of the beauties of nature, the main source of inspiration for the poems and music in their repertoire, in order to free themselves from everyday life. They will perform in Geneva, in a trio version, in the sumptuous acoustic space of the Saint-Gervais Temple, where they will make the fascinating sounds of the khöömii, throat singing, the repertoire of magtaal praise songs, the timbres of the morin khuur and ikh khuur fiddles, the tovshuur and dombra lutes, and the Jew's harps...

In turn, the voices evoke the spring breeze or the stormy winter wind, the continuum of torrents or waterfalls; the fiddle whinnies like a horse or imitates the different paces of its step, sometimes the melodies even reproduce the sinuous curve of mountain ridges. And the spirit of the great heroes of history hovers over these marvellous sounds, such as that of the great Genghis Khan.

Ariunbold DASHDORJ : chant / khöömii / grande vièle cheval ikh khuur / guitare / guimbarde tömör khuur
Batzorig VAANCHIG : chant / khöömii / vièle cheval morin khuur / guimbarde tömör khuur
Nasanjargal GANBOLD : chant / khöömii / luths tovshuur et dombra / guimbarde tömör khuur


Fr 8 April 2022 | 20:00


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