Concert & Streaming

Until January 15, 2022 | Alhambra, Geneva

Le Taraf de Bucarest

Gypsy traditions

STREAMING: Replay the concert on this page and on our Youtube channel until 15 January 2022.



The arrival in Western Europe of the Bucharest Taraf is more than ever an exceptional event. After long months of confinement, these virtuoso musicians have come together to play and sing again the gypsy music of the lăutari (muzica lăutărească țigănească), also known as the music of the suburbs (muzică de mahala), which was fashionable in the southern cities of Romania during their youth. This original repertoire took shape at the beginning of the 20th century, through the juxtaposition and fusion of several types of ancient or contemporary urban music: gypsy songs; Greek, Turkish, Jewish, Bulgarian, Albanian, vocal and instrumental, popular and urban music. From the meeting of these different traditions, a singular form of expression with a seductive oriental flavour was gradually forged... It has become very rare, and is nowadays particularly appreciated by the inhabitants of Bucharest in search of sounds that rhyme with the opening of their country to Western Europe, but also with their Balkan past. 


Mariana Borcea : voix
Niculae Dumitru, dit « Ciotoi » : violon, voix
Florian Borcea, contrebasse
Ștefan Ionel Ionită, dit « Cinoi », accordeon, voix
Gheorgheb Răducanu, cymbalu


Until January 15, 2022

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Service culturel Migros Genève, rue du Commerce 9, Genève, 058 568 29 00
Stand Info Balexert
Kiosque culturel de l'ONUG
Sur place, 1h avant le début des représentations

Plein tarif : CHF 25.-
Tarif réduit : CHF 18.-
Enfants jusqu’à 14 ans : 12.-
Carte 20 ans/20 francs :   10.- 

* membres ADEM, AMR, SAMEG, ONU, Barbier-Mueller, professionnels, étudiants, apprentis, AVS/AI, chômeurs, carte côté Courrier


Alhambra - 10, rue de la Rôtisserie, Genève


T : +41 (0) 22 919 04 94


Attention : jauge limitée.
Merci d'acheter votre billet à l'avance.
Mesures sanitaires détaillées : plus d'info ...

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