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Fr 19 February 2021 | 20:00 | AMR - Sud des Alpes


Reflections of Persian Classical Music

The Rokhs Duo performs Persian classical music with sensitivity and originality. They wander through its diverse characteristics and influences,  revealing its many faces (rokhs means faces in Persian). The Duo broadens its inspiration – all the way to Central Asia and the Middle East.

The similarities between these traditions leave one thinking that they are all watered from the same spring. Notably, it is the famous story, The Elephant and the Dark House, that we find in both the Hindu-Buddhist tradition and in the great Persian mystic poet Rumi’s work. In this tale, a single truth gives rise to a variety of interpretations linked to the experience and the imagination of those who perceive it. The same ‘image’ transforms each time it is reflected in each of us.



Hossein Rad : voix, setar (luth), kamancheh (vièle), dâyereh, (percussion)
Sogol Mirzaei : târ et setar (luths) 


Fr 19 February 2021 | 20:00

en collaboration avec
l’AMR et la RTS,
diffusion dans l'émission Zanzibar, sur Espace 2 :


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