First part | double concert

Fr 15 November 2019 | 20:30 | Alhambra

Andean Baguala and copla

Mariana Carrizo

Double concert : Extreme Recordings
First part


andean baguala and copla


Mariana Carrizo is without doubt one of the greatest representatives of today’s traditional Argentine music. She is known for her mastery of the Andean baguala and copla, the north-east Argentine art that melds poetry, compositions and musical improvisations. Her voice moves from one register to another with agility during delicately yodelled passages.


Cultivated almost exclusively by women, the copla is the expression of existence, the reflection of everyday life, from the most tragic and unjust situations to joyful and sensual experiences. Accompanied by her rigorous drumming, Marianna’s voice has rung out for over thirty years –  in the Andean mountains and all over the world. At the heart of this concert, diverse styles of copla a cappella alternate with traditional songs accompanied by the bandoneon and guitar.



Mariana Carrizo : voice, percussion
Miguel Rivayneira : guitar
Clavito Riera : bandoneon


Présentation du concert avec illustrations musicales

Ve 15 nov  | 19h | Foyer Alhambra


par Michel Plisson (ethnomusicologue)
En compagnie de Mariana Carrizo

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Fr 15 November 2019 | 20:30

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10 Rue de la Rôtisserie - Genève

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Concert recorded by Espace 2


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