Fr 14 January 2022 | 20:30

Amine Mraihi, Masar trio

Eastern roads

Masar means 'way' or 'route' in Arabic...
But don't try to catch this trio of virtuosos among the avenues of the predictable because the beaten track is not on their roadmap!
Amine Mraihi's oud, Sylvain Barou's flutes from the four corners of the world and Prabhu Edouard's tablas like to venture down multiple paths.
Set off on an escape to a colourful universe of sounds where Indian raga, Iranian dastagh, Arab-Turkish maqam and Celtic melodies rub shoulders, all in electro-atypical mode... A personal texture, a singular fibre woven by 6 hands and 3 hearts united by a common desire: to exalt our enthusiasm and our passions!


Amine Mraihi: acoustic and electric oud
Alberto Garcia: tabla and percussion
Sylvain Barou: flutes, duduk

(for reasons beyond our control, Prabhu Edouard is replaced by Alberto Garcia)


Concert recorder by RTS-Espace 2


Fr 14 January 2022 | 20:30

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Plein Tarif : 20.-
Tarif réduit : Adhérents ADEM et AMR, étudiants, apprentis, chômeurs, AVS : 15.-
Carte 20 ans/20 francs : 12.-

T : +41 (0) 22 919 04 94


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