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We 16 March 2022 | 20:00 | MEG, Geneva

Pandit Nayan Ghosh and Araj

From master to disciples (North India)

ARAJ: when five virtuosos, disciples of the greatest masters (gurus) of Hindustani music today, unite and dialogue under the enlightened direction of the famous tabla player and sitarist Pandit Nayan Ghosh.

The unique combination of the bansuri flute, the sarangi fiddle, the sitar, the tabla and the king instrument of Indian music: the voice. Araj (a term used in Sanskrit, Arabic and Urdu) means - among other things - prayer, request, fragrance.

The ensemble alternates solos, duets, trios and quintet passages in order to nuance the instrumental and vocal colours of the various great themes (bandish) of the classical and semi-classical repertoire, ghazal and certain popular music tunes. With a fine knowledge of the art of the râga and the tâla, a concern for tradition, in the tradition of the greatest masters and schools (gharânâ), creative verve and youthfulness, but also contemplation and aesthetic delight: Asaj explores multiple paths, both traditional and daring, in which improvisation - the essential adventure of Indian music - remains sovereign.


Pandit Nayan Ghosh : sitar
Ishaan Ghosh : tabla
S. Akash : flute
Mehtab Ali: sitar
Pratik Singh: voice
Vanraj Shastri: sarangi


Concert recorded by RST-Espace 2


We 16 March 2022 | 20:00

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