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June 9-16, 2021 | Streaming replay sur, Youtube & Facebook

Balkan dreams

Nabila & Ensemble Maurice K

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Gathered for the first time on 18 & 19 May 2019 at the Alhambra, Nabila Schwab, as choirmaster, had orchestrated the meeting between & her 60 choristers and the Maurice K Ensemble. Following the success of these two concerts, it was as a soloist that the singer tuned her "balkanised planet" to that of Maurice K. during the Aubes Musicales festival at the Bains des Pâquis in Geneva in August 2020, attracting a large and enthusiastic audience, despite the very early hour of the performance...  

Les Adem, during their "Carte blanche aux artistes", embark on the adventure and propose a journey filled with melodies of Mediterranean, Slavic and Oriental origin in which the compositions of Maurice K.'s five musicians bring a touch of "strangeness" and a unique vitality. A diversity of rhythms and timbres, virtuoso arabesques, the five instrumentalists unite with Nabila's voice of a thousand nuances. Music steeped in the soul of Eastern Europe, whatever the audacity of this bewitching ensemble.


Nabila Schwab : chant
Ensemble Maurice K :
Xavier Marquis : clarinette et flutes
Charlotte Magnien : violon
Jean Delaval : percussions
Maxime Vidal : saz et guembri
Pierre Glorieux : basson, percussions, mélodica 


June 9-16, 2021

Replay du 9 au 16 juin
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