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Su 6 March 2022 | 16:00 | Alhambra, Geneva

Tales and music from Greece

Compagnie « un Nuage en Pantalon »

Two fabulous and mysterious tales, in which Greek music brings out its melodies, rhythms and multicoloured instruments: plucked strings, oriental sounds, lively dances... It is the light of Greece that we see and hear!
The story of a castle, a royal family and a mystery that unfolds... In the palace stables, every night, valuable horses disappear... The life of the whole palace goes crazy, a prince and an amazing musical instrument, the bouzouki, will help to investigate... A story of fear, solitude and courage...
Then it's time for rocks, pastures, sheep and flutes: the second story takes us to the Greece of the countryside and the mountains. A wealthy and strong shepherd likes to blow his instrument when he tends his sheep. But his flock is coveted... and he is taken prisoner, destined to die... His fiancée and once again music will save him, with cunning and malice, from the hands of the robbers.
The company "Un nuage en pantalon" invites you to experience a show rich in theatrical and musical adventures, for children, their parents and grandparents... All in Greece, all on stage!

With the company "Un nuage en pantalon":

Soledina Camesi – musicienne (harpe) et comédienne
Jason Zacharakis – compositeur et musicien (bouzouki)
Yanis Bitsakis - musicien
Christophe Ollivier - musicien
Gilles Decorvet – conteur et musicien (clarinette)
Rafael Haro - illustrateur

avec la participation des danseurs Pantelis Vervatidis et Rose-Marie Haemmerlé



Su 6 March 2022 | 16:00

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Service culturel Migros Genève, rue du Commerce 9, Genève, 058 568 29 00
Stand Info Balexert
Kiosque culturel de l'ONUG
Sur place, 1h avant le début des représentations

Tarif adulte : CHF 15.-
Tarif enfant : CHF 10.-
Carte 20 ans/20 francs :   8.- 

* membres ADEM, AMR, SAMEG, ONU, Barbier-Mueller, professionnels, étudiants, apprentis, AVS/AI, chômeurs, carte côté Courrier

Alhambra, 10, rue de la Rôtisserie

1204 Genève

T : +41 (0) 22 919 04 94


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