Fr 28 February 2020 | 21:00 | AMR


Thomas & Guro


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Deeply anchored in Swedish and Norwegian musical traditions, Thomas and Guro are two young artists who remain attuned to multiple influences. Guro plays the traditional Norwegian violin hardingfele and crosses it with the viola d’amore… Thomas plays a particular form of the lute, a type of cittern that finds its origins in the Irish bouzouki.

Both of them create space in their concerts for traditional tunes and for their original compositions. They also offer joyful windows into ‘Celtic’ music and are inspired by certain American repertories, such as bluegrass. Through these influences, they create a personal way of presenting the hardingfele by renewing its timbre, rhythms and melodies, which have, for the most part, been derived from dance. The duo demonstrates the many ways in which various similarities, even direct links, exist between the various sound universes.

Guro Kvifte Nesheim : hardingfele (violon traditionnel norvégien), hardanger d’amore

Thomas Eriksson : cistre (luth)


Guro Kvifte Nesheim grew up in Oslo and Norway, and began learning the Hardanger violin at the age of seven. She studied with several respected teachers and received prizes for her participation in national competitions for traditional music.

In the spring of 2015, she worked at the Gothenburg Opera for the balled Shadowland, directed by the famous Swedish folk musician Ale Möller. She now works at the heart of various musical constellations, notably with her own group GKN5, one of whose tracks from their most recent CD hit number one in the list of 100 best musical pieces (all genres), as chosen by the famous Swedish journalist Göteborgs Posten.

Thomas Eriksoon is from the small town of Bergkvara in the south of Sweden. He began his musical apprenticeship on the guitar and then threw himself into the adventure of folk music while studying at Gotland County Folk High School and then Skurup Folk High School before entering Gothenburg’s prestigious Academy of music and dramatic arts. It was here that he decided to dedicate himself specifically to the cittern. He now divides his time between composing, concerts and teaching.

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Fr 28 February 2020 | 21:00

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