Octobre 5 - December 12 | Geneva, various location


(V)ivre de musique


There can be no human society without music! It is a fact: no culture is unaware of this singular alchemy of sounds. Whether it is religious or secular, whether it resounds in a concert hall or in the street, whether it is a work of art or accompanies pastoral activity, it animates and gives rhythm to our lives. The health crisis, and the long interruption of public concerts, has made us fully aware of this: listening to or playing music is not just "entertainment", it is an essential social activity that nourishes us.

(V)ivre de musique: the theme of this festival raises a series of existential questions... How does music allow us to exchange with our fellow human beings while promoting our individual development? How does it often allow us to better apprehend our daily world, sometimes to extract ourselves from it by provoking a certain emotional and spiritual intoxication?  How do those who practice it, here or elsewhere, bring it to life and manage to live from it?

The Nuits du Monde 2021 invite you to experience as many strong and essential moments around this rich theme as there are concerts, conferences, meetings and films. Concert music, ritual music, classical or popular, composed or improvised, vehement or intimate... So many opportunities to stimulate an imagination open to the discovery of the diversity of world cultures.


Fabrice Contri



(subject to change)

Mardi 5 oct. 20h00 – Alhambra
Le Taraf de Bucarest
Traditions tsiganes


Mercredi 20 oct. 20h00 - Alhambra
SIA, un homme sans histoire est un homme perdu
Danses burkinabé
Compagnie Donsen


Jeudi 4 nov. 20h00 - MEG
Līla gnawa de Tanger
M‘allem Abdelwahid Stitou et ses fils


Samedi 6 nov. 20h00 – Alhambra
Steps : Orients réinventés
Layth Sidiq et Vasilis Kostas


Dimanche 7 nov. 17h00 – Alhambra
Nouvelle musique classique iranienne 
Sepideh Raissadat & l’Ensemble Sepidâr


Jeudi 11 nov. 20h30 – Alhambra
Le violon hindoustani à son apogée
Dr. N. Rajam avec Sangeeta, Ragini et Nandini Shankar


Vendredi 12 nov. 20h30 – AMR-Sud des Alpes
Chanson Amazighe du Moyen-Atlas
Groupe Araw N Fazaz (Maroc, monde berbère)


WEEK-END JEUNE PUBLIC (13 et 14 nov.)

Samedi 13 nov. 16h00  Alhambra
Spectacle jeune public
Dès 7 ans. Durée : 50’
Le mythe de l’Arche revisité


Dimanche 14 nov. 16h00 – Alhambra
Spectacle jeune public
Fanfare colombienne
Palenque la Papayera


Samedi 11 déc. 20h00 – Alhambra
Rituels afro-cubains
San Cristóbal de Regla 


Dimanche 12 déc. 17h00 - Alhambra
Soul of Epirus
Quintet Halkias- Kostas

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