Su 7 March 2021 | 17:00 | Maroneia, Komotini, Rhodope, Greece

Music of Thrace

Ensemble Rodopi

Straddling Bulgaria, Macedonia and Thrace, the Rhodope mountain chain is a cultural crossroads that sits between Greece, the Balkans and Turkey. It is a mythological space, one of diverse pagan and religious cults; it is also a land of mystery and music that bore witness to the birth of the legendary singer Orpheus.

The artists of the Rodopi Ensemble have been sharing this world since their debut in the 1990s, in Thrace and Macedonia. The musical instruments, as much through their forms as through the techniques employed to play them, reveal the intersections between the East and West, and through these blends of tones generate a sound palette that is extraordinarily varied.

These musicians do not just play concerts and grace the stage, but rather they participate in local life through the traditional festivals that punctuate the calendar. This social involvement is a means of solidifying their connection.


Ensemble Rodopi :

Drosos Koutsokostas : lauto et chant  
Kyriakos Petras : violon  
Nikos Angousis : clarinette  
Alkis Zopoglou : cithare kanun  
Yorgos Pagozidis : percussions 


Su 7 March 2021 | 17:00


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En raison de la situation sanitaire, le concert est enregistré à huis-clos sans public et diffusé en streaming

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