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Claire Rufenacht

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What is Argentinian tango?

Argentinian tango is an improvised dance which is danced in pairs. Born in the Rio de la Plata (Buenos Aires – Montevideo) region at the end of the nineteenth century during an influx of immigrants, today it is not only representative of porteño culture but has also spread the world over, attracting a continually growing number of devotees. The tango is a varied cultural universe: it expresses itself through different art forms. It is music, poetry and dance all at once, and those that enter this universe will approach these three forms of expression.

Midday Tango Tuesdays at ADEM (weekly)

Are you looking for a body-led approach to tango dance? Midday Tango Tuesdays are for you! I invite you to discover an intuitive way into Argentinian tango, through the body – its mechanisms, its sensations, its possibilities. The class begins with individual work on technique and ends with a period of collective practice. All levels – leaders & followers.

Monthly group courses + tango practice + free initiation

These workshops allow participants to discover tango through different facets, connecting the body, music and the history of tango. These are aimed as much at beginners as established dancers. Come solo or accompanied. Registration necessary.

The workshop is preceded by a free trial and followed by a period of guided practice, which sometimes involves the presence of musicians.


Free monthly initiations fall 2021 : Saturday September 18th 14h-15h at ADEM 44 rue des Maraîchers and Sunday October 31st in Versoix (info to come).


Private classes

Tango instruction made to measure. Open to individuals, a couple or a small group (max 6 people).


Claire Rufenacht

Both dancer and musician in various tango ensembles, Claire Rufenacht is also an art therapist, specialising in movement.

She discovered the Argentinian tango in the 1990s, and left for Buenos Aires to train in tango for the piano and dance. She has taught Argentinian tango in Geneva since 2007. She regularly gives workshops, inviting dancers from across the globe. She continues to train with regular trips to Buenos Aires and during international tango festivals in Europe. As an art therapist, she has trained in expressive dances and different forms of movement (from Feldenkrais to psychomotor education). Her way of teaching is active and intuitive, seeking to awaken an awareness of the body, with particular attention to the music, its creative potential and one’s partner.

She has participated in performances as both a dancer and choreographer. She is the founding pianist of the Tango Sueno Quintet and currently plays in two ensembles: the trio ‘Y su orquestra’ with Pedro Ratto, guitar and vocals, and Emmanuel Castan, guitar, and Alain Ray, bandoneon; and the duo ‘R & R’ in which she plays the melodica, accompanied by Pedro Ratto on guitar and vocals.

She is particularly interested in the links between tango and art therapy. (

Pedro Ratto is professor of Argentine guitar at Ateliers d'ethnomusicologie - see his page


ADEM - 44 rue des Maraîchers, 1205 Genève



  • Technique du Tango + Pratique : ADEM-Maraîchers : mardis 12h15-13h30
  • Ateliers Musique au corps - culture du tango : 1 samedi par mois 15h30-18h. Série automne 2020: 26.11 / 31.10 / 21.11
  • Initiations gratuite au tango : samedi 05.09.2020 14h30-15h30 et samedis 26.11 / 31.10 / 21.11 - avant les ateliers Musique au corps.
  • Cours privés individuels/petit groupe constitué : lieu et horaires sur demande



  • Initiations samedis :  gratuit
  • Cours collectifs mardis et mercredis : Par série de 8 cours: 200.- ( ou le cours: 30.-), renouvelable. Paiement à l'inscription. Premier cours d'essai sans engagement (30.-) + Adhésion ADEM (50.-/an)
  • Ateliers Musique au corps - culture du tango :  165.- les 3 ateliers / 60.- (55.- AMAmusique; 50.- ADEM) l'atelier. Paiement à l'inscription.
  • Cours privés : 80.-/heure individuel. 120.- /heure 2-4 personnes.



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