Sabar Dance

Ndongo Beye

Africa | Dance

Sabar is a dance from Senegal. It is accompanied by percussion and the mbeug mbeug, thiol and nder are its base instruments. 

This dance is a true conversation between the dancer and musicians, and once the basics are learnt, the dancer can enjoy boundless interplay with the musicians.

The goal of this class is to acquire an autonomy that permits you to both dance and enter into a dialogue with the musicians, thereby creating new choreographies each time.

These classes are aimed at everyone from beginners, right through to advanced students. As the sabar is a dance of varying intensities relative to each dancer’s level, it can accommodate everyone’s enjoyment of it.

Ndongo Beye teaches sabar while taking into account the differing capabilities of the students present in the class. The structure of his class runs as follows:

  • A warm up that allows participants to enter into the rhythm with the musicians and to establish links with the body
  • The integration of sabar rhythms, under his guidance, before digesting the different dance steps
  • A choreography, which will be divided into the different sabar rhythms, in order to allow the dancers to hear the musical variations possible for the same movement
  • The space to dance where each participant can express themselves and enter into a dialogue with the musicians. This time allows you to let go of the choreography and to improvise using the numerous steps learnt during the class, which can be mixed and put together to make your own dance.


Ndongo Beye formed his own dance company in Senegal where he developed the art of Faux Lions by integrating numerous dance traditions, which have sprung from different Senegalese cultures and ethnicities. Today he organises projects in Switzerland and Senegal that shine the spotlight on his art. During his travels, he organises classes with other dancers,which allows for the exploration of other modalities and methods of teaching sabar. This network of artists means that dancers and musicians can organise workshops together, where they can meet each other, converse and exchange knowledge on the art of sabar.

Ndongo Beye works with artists from across the globe. He promotes the tradition, all the while integrating international influences into a part of his offerings. He participates in numerous festivals and cultural days with other artists from a variety of backgrounds. He also goes into schools, taking the children on a journey to the country of Faux Lions. 


Ecole des Cropettes
Rue Baulacre 8 - 1202 Genève


Tuesday : 19h00 - 20h30
According to the school calendar


25 CHF/ lesson


Ndongo Beye : 078 874 92 91 mail :

Muriel Giromini : 079 210 49 21 mail :

Organized in collaboration with the "Dunia" association and the "Art et culture pour le développement de l’Afrique" association

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