Jean-Marie Senn

Africa | Percussion

These classes are aimed at all levels of experience and involve the oral transmission of traditional rhythms, listening, strike techniques, solos, and leading a group. This course will help participants to develop a musical ear and a sense of rhythm, as well as learn how to listen to, and direct, the music’s energy.

The way this course is taught is based on many years of experience. It looks at:

  • Learning basic rhythms and how to accompany them
  • In-depth work on strike techniques

  • Developing polyrhythms (when several rhythms are played at once) 
  • Learning and developing solos.
  • Improvising on the main themes while respecting the spirit and dynamic of the rhythm being played, as well as its musicality.
  • Developing a feel for rhythm
  • Rhythmic independence of the hands and feet 
  • Concentration and confidence
  • Precision, technique, attention without tension, concentration – these are all (in addition to others) qualities and resources that are developed and enriched by the practice of music and, in particular, by the practice of rhythmic instruments.

These are group classes, open to those over 16 years old – beginners as well as advanced practitioners.

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African percussion teacher and musician Jean-Marie Senn trained in djembé and kenkeni with  Adama Dramé in Africa, and Paco Yé and Louis-César Ewandé in Europe.

He is a ‘rythmist’ who also trained in clarinet and theory at Geneva’s Conservatoire Populaire de Musique. He has been teaching since 1984 with a method he developed and adapted to the demands of teaching traditional instruments in Europe, all the while faithfully following the djembe tradition. He has gathered a wealth of experience in private and group lessons.


Salle de rythmique de l’école du Mail
Rue du Village Suisse 2 - 1205 Geneva



1 Saturday upon 2, 15h45-17h45



60 CHF per lesson


T : +41 78 716 70 76 /
Email :

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