3 documentaries from Laurent Aubert, Ravi Gopalan Nair, Damian Plandolit, Patricia Plattner, Johnathan Watts

The Gods Never Die - Doc, video, 52', 2004
The Time of the Marionettes- Doc, video, 28', 2006
The Three Monkeys- Interviews, doc. video, 13', 2006
Production: MEG and Light Night, 2006
DVD PAL 93', 35 FS

"This DVD is a wonderful example of anthropological research and documentation - and furthermore, more enjoyable to watch. It is highly recommended as an educational tool" (Ethnomusicology Forum)

The three films that are featured on this DVD are the result of research carried out by Laurent Aubert, Ravi Gopalan Nair and Johnathan Watts on the arts and rituals of Kerala (South India).

The first looks at the dance ritual called Tirayattam, “The Dance of Splendour”. On this occasion, gods and ancestors are embodied by dancers in sumptuous costumes, whose development follows the rhythms of the percussion.

The second film focuses on the marionette tradition, called Pavakathakali. Today, this art would be under threat of disappearing completely, if it were not for the grace and tenacity of a single troop, who are determined to keep its practice alive.

The third film is based on interviews with the three directors, who talk about their common experience of seeking out the cultural and artistic traditions of Kerala.



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