José de la Negreta - Suneo Gitano

You may have heard José accompany the dancer Ana la China or perform in the show "De Bénarès à Jerez ", one of the most successful artistic fusion projects of the last few years.  A gypsy from Andalusia, based in the South of France, José de la Negreta is not just a simple flamenco singer: he is a phenomenon if we are to believe the guitarist Domingo Rubichi who accompanies him on this album.  Thanks to Pedro Bacan and his sister Inés, José was made privy to the best kept secrets of flamenco.  Steeped in duende, he is one of the rare cotemporary performers who has been able to fill himself with the pure spirit of song, in the style of Antonio Mairena, or Juan Talega or Manuel Torre.  This first album is magnificent evidence of this.

"José de la Negreta sings a traditional repertoire of  bulerias, sigiriyas with the voice that is specific to  the gypsies, the one that comes from the soul [...] an excellent album that penetrates right to the heart of pure flamenco" (Ethnotempos)



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