Marina Pittau

Text: Marina Pittau
1 CD Ethnomad ARN 64636, 2003

This album presents itself as a type of journey steeped in the sounds and dreams of Sardinia, where the melancholy of ballads alternates with the frantic dance rhythms.  It tells us of love, separation, exile, the hope of return, but it also tells of legends and magical rites.  Marina Pittau’s musical research aims to highlight the narrative side of the lyrics.  Besides her original compositions, we can also hear songs derived from the oral tradition (from the 14th Century through to nowadays) that have been rejuvenated with new arrangements.  Marina Pittau is accompanied on this album by an array of Sardinian musicians, whose instrumental tones anchor the music in a tradition that is being constantly renewed.

“It is incredible to feel the irresistible liveliness of dance as well as the accents of an unfathomable pain, which coexist in the repertoire of this magnificent vocalist just as they do in the spirit of her country of birth” (Vibrations)

**** - Monde de la Musique

Jury Favourite – Charles Cros Academy 2004



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