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The obokano, lyre of the Gusii

CD AIMP CVII / VDE-1414, 2014
The deep, buzzing sounds of the large eight-stringed lyre known as the obokano are at the heart of the culture of the Gusii people from Kenya. The instrument belongs to the male sphere, so it associated with strength and power.



Pygmy polyphonies from North-Congo

This album is the 100th CD published by the prestigious AIMP series. Fruits of recent recordings (2005-2008) undertaken in the north of Congo (Brazzaville), this disc offers a cross-section of musical repertoires, including the most significant songs of the pygmy communities.



Maciré Sylla - Sarefi



Soungalo Coulibaly - Dengo



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This list of CDs combines two complementary collections: Ethnomad, which is released by the ADEM in collaboration with Arion and dedicated to migrant musicians, as well as the AIMP’s (World Collection of Folk Music) prestigious collection, which is essentially devoted to recordings from the field.  It is released in conjunction with the Musée d’ethnographie de Genève and the producer VDE-Gallo.