Music from Maramures - Iza group

Music from Maramures - Iza group

This CD features loan Pop, a central figure of contemporary Romanian folk music. It results from several field trips undertaken by ethnomusicologist Fabrice Contri and sound engineer Renaud Millet-Lacombe in northwestern Romania. Both have already several publications to their name, ail available in the series MEG-AIMPNDE Gallo. The recordings present various instrumental ensembles as weil as vocal and dance music - ail carried along by an irresistible rhythmic drive. loan Pop, who plays several instruments, formed the Iza Group through immersing himself in village life, at the heart of the tradition that Belà Bart6k used to explore. This extraordinarily virtuoso music, ail at once contemporary and a carrier of memory, is imbued with ever-renascent creativity.

Recording (2013) : Renaud Millet-Lacombe,
Notes and photographs : Fabrice Contri,
Editor : Madeleine Leclair.



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