Lucy Acevedo - Negra

A passionate singer of exceptional talent, Lucy Acevedo was born in El Callao, a Peruvian port town that is also the birthplace of criolla music.  She masterfully performs the music “of the coast”, la música costeña, which is named as such in opposition to Andean music, or that “of the mountains”.  She possess an impressive repertoire that comprises of popular forms of this music, including the tun-tun, the cariate, the zamacueca and the famous marinera, which is the most popular dance in Peru today.  Lucy has contributed to the distribution of her music since 1984, not only in Peru, but also in Brazil, Chile, the USA and finally Europe.  This album offers a great opportunity to discover a rare artist and performer of a relatively unknown type of music that is nevertheless incredibly beautiful.

“Lucy and her musicians paint a lively landscape of sound, one that makes you dance and is almost unknown outside of Peru” (Le Monde de la Musique)

“Lucy Acevedo sings the founding rhythms of her culture (zamacueca, lando, festejo) with passion and conviction.  She seduces with her natural and direct approach.” (Vibrations).

Bravo!!! – Trad Magazine

**** from Monde de la Musique



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